Holiday Holiday Holiday~~~~~'s holiday!!!!!! Hooooooray~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

But....i think it should be named as Assignments Week....I had to rush many assignments during these few days...It really made me sick of it...

I start fever on Friday morning and still not yet cure until now
it was damn suffering with the sudden hot and cold
Dizzyness strict me


Thanks for the concerning from you guys
I felt warm with the bless

Holiday sure related to the gathering for me and my buddies
tis time,our holiday crashed so just right the night we reached sibu
we hang out!!!

we went for coffee at Italian Coffee ( a nice place with the feel of Starbuck)
then we went to Hoover Square for some photo shoting

*gg so bad...she said that because i was sick and if i didn't put on my mask, i cannot went into her car and outing with them...

so i just can put on my mask...*sigh & speechless*

Dala~~~~~~~~~~here shown the picture we took

And on the next morning (that is this morning) although i still got a bit fever, but we still went for breakfast at Noodle house...
We really enjoy the mee so much
we were damn full

Thanks mic for treat us for the breakfast
And guys...
i was now hoping and waiting for the next outing

to be continue..........


GG said...

hey hey hey....
saying my bad words huh?
i treat nice to u liao hoh...
u are sick but i let u put on the mask nia...
u suppose to be stay at home hoh hoh hoh!!!

shirleylky said...

alahhhhh alahhhhhh
gg is the best lah....=.=

bt bt bt...
everytime i go out, i not feel sick at all nt nd put on mask hor...and we ald go out so many time with no you thk gt different meh...

tmr go clicnik together check lah...haha

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