Big Apple Donuts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh yeah oh yeah !!!!!!!!!!





the first time i eat is from miss Q

ah Q, thanks....muacksssssssssss

tat time i stil remember we fetched her at the airport and she bought 6 pieces of big apple donut for me.

i was soooooooooooo happy and i ate it in my hostel


let me showed u the pic barh!!!!

(show off .i.n.g)tis is miss Q buy for me de donuts

tis is the second time i eat donuts
tis is i asked gg buy for me d~~~~~~~~~
thanks ya~~~~~~ muacksss
these is those donuts she bought
she bought for her family and me

pretty right?????? wah~~~~~~~~~~
tis is the donut gg bought for me!!!!! nt expensive lah....rm14.......happy

my mum leh....haizzz duno hw to enjoy the donut

she say wad so special =.=
she took a knife and cut the donut into pieces.....


who eat donut macam itu lah

donut mz eat until whole mouth surround by the sauce marh


let u see the donut i left for my bro barh....

soooooooooooo ugly


tat's all!!!!!!!!!!!!! watever, so tasty........thanks lah


mr.paul, when u back from kuching, dun forget buy for me!!!!!!! XD



shirleylky said... lah.......

i use all those broken eng + foochow + chinese direct translate + those self-create english......

i think u felt headache after reading my blog.....hehe

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