Paiseh lah for not update my blog for 4 weeks liaw....

my fren arr, u knw lah i am very busy wif my assignments until no time to update my blog.

In these four weeks,

gt lots lots lots lots of things happened.....





and many many


Let us talked about pesta ang pau...we all prepared hard for the Pesta Ang Pao and it was held on 18th of feb... although it was not going smoothly at first, bt luckily it was solved after somewhile.... We also got some conflicks between our class,bt it was not a big deal and time can solve everything...and bcs of pesta ang pau, tat is the first time i wear on cheongsam...i dun like it bcs it made me SWEAT!!!!!! let me share some of the photo we take barh....

i was oso very excited bcs i ald booked the ticket for my holiday trip....yupee~~~~~~~~

i wil went to sabah at tis march holiday (15-20/3) tis trip takes time 6 days 5 cousin plan for my sabah trip bcs my cousin worked in the travel agency in kuching. i lookforward to the sabah trip so much...bcs i can go diving, go swimming, go snorkeling and go shopping....omg omg....i canlt wait until tat day....haha

in june, i wil go to two places....on the beginning of june, i wil go to kuching to find my dearest senior, Q.....she ald planned for our trip....we wil go damai puri, sing k.....wa.......thx u , Q!!! and at the middle of june, i wil go to kl( 12-17/6)....i wil go wif my frens in ipgm campus rajang tat is jenny, yu ting and miao....all of us were so excited too....although it stil hd a long time to go ...wakaka.... sorry, mr.paul.....knt helped u celebrate ur bt bt.....wil celebrate for u earlier .....haha and i wil buy presents from u when i go kl, ok???? * pinch pinch ur cheek*

at december, i wil went to kl tis time is wif my family...i wil went to aunty's house...we wil went to hot spring and water park ,sunway lagoon,genting highlands and lots and lots ofplace....keke...and my aunt's family wil oso back to cbu on the same day same flight wif us....waiseh....and tat time, sure wil b in the scene of bustle and excitement...



hate lah...many assignments eh......
i wana listed down my assignments and showed u guys hw busy i was....hmm.....haha

- 现当代文选(失根的兰花)
-西游记 (78-79 回)
-阅读能力训练 (记叙文朗读)
-现当代文选(搜集2-3篇文章,赏析,分析并列出文章的高尚道德光)* 好难哦 * 

-Things Falling Apart-Summaries on chapter 13-14
-Presentation on Noun Phrases
-Forum about healthy lifestyle
-public speaking about healthy lifestyle ( powerpoint + folio)

-routine and non-routine
-two dimentional and three dimentional
-problem solving

kemahiran berfikir
-konsep dan ciri ciri kemahiran berfikir berdasarkan kursus major anda...omg!!!pemulihan de!!! tis assignment is themost difficult among all the assignments..
-powerpoint on buku kemahiran berfikir 86-101....

-pergerakan bukan lokomotor
-layang layang


tis is the list of the assignments tat i wil faced at tis bt bt....i think the list wil b increase.....haizz...see hw heavy is my coursework??? i need to bring many assignments while my sabah trip T.T

tat's all for tis time lah.....hope the progress of these assignments can going smoothly....haizzzzz
help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! save me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was sink by the assignments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

B Y E B Y E !!!!!!!!!!!


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