Thanks, My Fren.....

After i slice that orange

Pretty right???haha like an lotus

top view of the orange
side view of that orange...cute!
(erm, about the background, is my socks and my towel and also my sunblock lotion )

Yesterday, my fren Chan gave me an orange when i visit to her room. It was quite a long time for me for no eat fruit in this campus. That orange is somehow like sunkist but the special is it were imported from China. Sunkist from China??? This is my reaction when heard of it. It's funny!!!

I observed that orange for a long time before i slice it. It appearance quite similar to the actual sunkist but just the size was smaller and the colour was not as fresh as sunkist. It taste so good. Juicy, sweet and.....I LOVE IT!!!haha

Thanks ya, Chan for willing share your fruit to me....haha


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