Tiring Life

WHY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TELL ME WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just really felt like wana fall apart facing this kind of life.

i was not so happy when back to Sibu. I know SOMEONE is hiding something to me.You are LIER!!!!!!L.I.E.R.!!!!

I know everything and i am not as stupid as u think.I just don't want to mention it out. So, i prefer to keep silent and pretend nothing happen. I would not showed my unhappiness on my face...i just gulped all the unhappiness down into my stomach.Whatever, I was the one who always use to take advantanges. I will not argue and i will just followed STUPIDLY. Whenever I need help......HAHAHA!!!!

I wonder what had I done wrong. Why i was not important to you people? I was the only one who was been forget everytime and i wil just be IMPORTANT when you need my help. I realised many things . I knew many things.It frustrated me. I don't like to pretend myself in front of people Bt....what to do??? I had to pretend myself to protect myself from getting hurt. You please don't pretend concern,pretend stupid,pretend like you are the most powerful and PLEASE!!!!!! don't pretend that you don't know everything. I can guess it through my common sense,ok?

I treat you all with my true heart and appreciate it. Why i am the one who always get hurt. Everytime i was down, I will go to sleep and keep silent to forget it all. brain was all filled with all those irritating things. May be i was too narrow-minded. I felt stress and sometimes lonely. It still had a long way to go. I don't dare to think the coming days.

I really wish that i can become the happy gal just like last time. I think i no longer be happy since i seperate with my beloved friends during the secondary school life.I will not share my mood and 心事to the people around me. After the few things that happen and some matter that i had experience, I was very sure that i will not believe anyone around me. Whenever i was going to talk something, i had to consider it for long time.....I can't express myself in front of you all. I really fely tired and frustrated go through this kind of life everyday.

WHY!!!!! WHY!!!!!! WHY!!!!!! .......actually, be alone also not bad. Would not get hurt........haiz This is not the life that i hope and i wish to change it although i know it was quite impossible to do so .I really wish to lock myself on a depopulated island. BUT WHAT TO DO~~~~~~~



♥m_chele♥ said...

hey gal...dun think too much.
Dun care what they say.
We would never be able to stop what people are trying to say and how they think.
Just be youself. & be happy.

shirleylky said...

mei li~~~~~~` really thank you lah!!! u gals always stand by my side...sometimes i really frustrated with that kind of life.....

ÞǺü£ ‡ 意發㆙ said...

well..i noe who's the person u r talking about~~
actually tis time cm bck...i reali dun hv any happy feeling at all like last time but wat can i do??!! 1st..i'm forced by my mum to cm bck...2nd..i had d same experience as u!! so u r nt d oni person~~ ok??!!

n anyway...i thk tis time i will oso try 2 pass my days lonely....haiz......reali HATE tis world tat full of lie n anythg!! reali FUCK lar!! ishh...

Anonymous said...

hey....girl, i think just dun think too much.just be urself lo.....but the way when u talk like this have u think by urself got u doing type of that things?y they want talk u?may be they want to help u o u know u doing the wrong way but just keep going feel u not wrong n u think u always right one?got u have mind like this?
>Anyway just be urself if u think u not happy on this life just quit on this school or working place lo,that i think u will happy on it,if u think u alwaly right then never wrong on ur life, u will be not "cheng gong" in ue life!!

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