•*'`*♥ 课业ღ泗里街游ღ大扫除记 ♥*'`*•

========== Assignment Time ==========


because of these two files and tat thick folio
we all suffered a lot
some didnt even sleep at night
and well, i slept on 5am
the next day
here come's a panda
the eyes of all of us were just like the golden fish
huhhhhh~~and the panda ring on our eyes were so terrible,horrible and vegetable

now take a closer look on how thick was the folio i done
and yet
this is not the thickest
some of my coursemates even thicker
i had to bring three thick and heavy files to the classroom
heavy n tiring.....

and now

it was the headache time for our lecturer
he is Mr. Vraja

you see our folio and the files arrange neatly on the table
and when he stepped into our class
he was totally shock and headache about how to bring those files

i think this picture is enugh to express his headacheness~~~haha

============== Gotong Royong time============

well,we got a gotong royong with all the staffs in school
and the activity cover whole the compound of our campus
we were divided into few groups and we start our gotong royong

cold orange juices were served..hohohoho
refreshing nehhhh

some kuih were serve too
a popiah, a donut, and a green bean kuih

oh yeah oh yeah
we found some staffs were picking some fruits
after ask,
it was 槟榔
tis is the first time i saw this fruits but i dont dare to try

some view of my school compound
the yellow building is our cafeteria...
the weather was so hot and because lack of sleep
you see my eyes
just like a big goldfish
we gathered at our pulako
the blue tank is for washing hand
when resting,
we go walk walk around the compound
it was a camping side which our B.I.G will be held at there

beautiful scene of palm trees(if not wrong)

see the small triangle house??
cute right??
but i dont know wad is the use of the house..
may be it wil be used during the camping

me and sze

three of us
miao, sze and me

now it's the exciting part
they burnt the big branches and the leaves
the fire was big lehh
and hot!!
================Sarikei Time===================
after the ceramah this morning
we went to Sarikei to have our lunch and done some shopping
all of us were so excited in the van

as usual
we went to Sugarbun
i ordered the properity set
one fish fillet and spicy meat with the rice
and extra ordered a small smashed potato and a cup of cold Coke

oops...jsut ignore the overflow chili sauce
i need many chili sauce in my meal....XD
i like sauce!!!lolx
we spent almost three hours at Sarikei
and we went back at around 5.20pm
tiring and dont know why the weather gettin warmer after the rain =.="

ya...i was in the van going back to campus...
and my face turn so red after walking under big sun
haha was a enjoyable day spending with my buddies in campus
and yet had to back to face the reality life again ..=(
just sabar for one more weeks then
hope this week past fast and i wana leave this place as soon as possible...
it was so again terrible ,horrible and vegetable....
hahaha XD


'CrY5t@L said...

ah sze also look like panda liao....
walao....u guys finish jor so many file...
me only one wor...
sigh sigh....
ur sch so good de...
tomolo i wanna sleep inside the khemah...but u guys no nid built khemah....
envy lar~~~

i also wanna go kuching loooo~~~
duno will meet tiok u or not in kuching...hahaha....

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