♬ Holiday ❤ Holiday ♣ Zen Japanese Restaurant ♬

Deng Deng!!!!!
it's holiday~~~

i'm so happy because only at holiday
i can wake up late in
my bedroom
my own bed
my own blanket


Well Well Well.....
I went to the new japanese dining restaurant
it's beside Cafe-cafe and
me and crystal just cant wait to try on tis new restaurant

the menu
(while reading the menu, we just cant see the ppl sit opposite us,it's printed in a large size XD)

the menu and the dining set

the box full of oldstyle chopsticks

i like the fresh wasabi!!!! and the kicap...
but so bad they didnt prepare the kicap manis...

Cinammon Tea
errrrrrr.....just from tea bag and errrrrrr...the taste just weird....but the colour was attractive

tis one is call cawanmushi if not wrong..
lolx.....tasteless and the potion was small...
should be improved

the chicken and bla bla bla rice...
errrrrrrr....i prefer sushi tie
the rice was just so BIASA!!
and the chicken ....stil got the frozen chicken bau...=X

tis is the fresh scallop!!
nice and it's really juicy....
but so expensive and
not really same amount as in the menu =(

tis one so terrible horrible and vegetable!!
i even thought the mushroom got poison!!
izzit normal to be bitter huh?
and i korek some amount of AJINAMOTO from the mushroom...
grrr....tis one.......i almost complain to tauke tat time!!

tis one is so nice!!!! the soft shell crab was so fat and juicy
somehow with the crab egg inside...
thumbs up!

and tis one!!!
i also so fed up.....
the baby octopus is tasteless and not juicy at all
just like they finished bath the baby octopus before they served
so disappointed
well, but the baby octupus was quite fat...hehe

no comment because i didnt like it...hehehe
but crystal say normal...
well, she always ate the tasty sushi at esplande sushi at brunei...
so..........u knw..haha


Visiting to Old Folk's Home

Well, can say that tis is the first time i visit to old folk's home
me with mdm ling with my coursemates and juniors were going together

we gathered at ying ying house
and i found some pretty flower outside her house...

take photos!!
i like tis colour so muchieee

and many flowers blossom too

well, while we reached
we go to inform to the operator and we started our job
gonna be an early santa clause

the old man was so pity
he just ignore others who talk to him

we walk and walk and walk
go to asrama by asrama

well, we met an old woman.
she asked for help
she need us to help her to made a call
but she just show us an i-talk card
at last,mdm ling communicated with her in bahasa iban
mdm ling gave her a pen cuz she need to use it to note down the telephone number...

her eyesight got some problem and i think she cant even see at all
just can feel it by using her stick

while she was giving the italk card to mdm ling and asked to made a call

she tried to tell us the problem she face and
we are just helpless.... =(

u see how pity was her.....

tis is MOSES....
mdm ling's son~~~
he is a little active boy..
is tis back look like a santa clause?

and the most touching is tis aunty
last time they ever came and visit her
and now she saw them again and she was so exicted until crying...

she said she never think that will meet us again...
she told us her story and she said she will practise to walk everyday
so that she can get out from the old folk's home and come to visit us
well......i know it was quite impossible
but by the strength that given by God,
she can do it!

we sang Gospel at there to cheer up the old aunties....
they we're so enjoy~
i believe that they were so glad to see us

and hor tis aunty....
i chit chat with her and concern about her....
suddenly she pulled my hand and help me to see the number on my hand =.=
i was totally shock and almost yelled out when she pulled my hand
i tot she want to pulled my bracelat....ahpuuuuuuuuuuuuuh
she give me many numbers =P
but i didnt buy lah...haha

ying ying,moses and xun chang with another old aunty

and tis aunty also very kind....she is just so pity....
and the most touching one is she asked me
"can you teach me how to pray? i wish to pray too....."
i was so touched at that moment and i was totally shocked!!!
she just keep on smiling while we sang the gospel
well, God will bless you all and God is always by your side...=)
and lastly we had a big group photo with the old aunty =)

tis is the scene they talk to a old uncle...

yah...we going to PULANG!!!

tis is the environment of the old folk's home.....
the asrama of the uncle

got the pelan rumah juga....
so wil not sesat jalan maaa...haha

back to home!!!!
see my cute toilet bowl...
i found tis cute sticker at Farley
whoot!!! rm1.50 only i bought it and stick there....
wellsorry to my brothers because this shocked them!!hahaha

and see what i found at my home!!!!
the old style camera
use filem de camera!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
tis one can masuk museum de leh~~~
hahahaha but had to thanks to it because
my childhood pictures were all taken by these two cameras

the last one is my LOMO camera...cute hor...haha
waterproof!! i like it...

and thanks jenny for recommend and buying me tis potato stick from Pasar Malam at Sibu
so nice and it was so POPULAR AND LAKU at the pasar malam
had to que up to buy arrr.....

the deep fried crispy potato with the mayonese....

on tuesday,
i went to mcdonald's for lunch with ah sze and crystal

well, i didnt eat french fries they help me to eat it!!

the burgers!!!yummieeeeeeeeeeeeeee

and during nite....
my dad brought me and my smallest brother to attend house mass..
at Brother Steven's house...

many people lorhhh...

after that, dinner were prepare...whoot!!!
al the foodies were so nice....

see see many people and the everyone were so enjoy on the food...haha

after back to home...i was forced to visit my cousin that back from China at my uncle's house
huh...........MUM, I'M SO TIRED LAHHH
well, i just put on my pyjamas and then i go out!!
weird to go out with pyjamas..but i like...lolx

see my cute cousin give me a big big hug when i reached....
so cute and she's so pro in posing...!!

see see see.....
she just like to pose weirdly!!!!
many maciam maciam pelik pose....haha
KUSO lah her....
cute Mandy!

and she like to take photos of others too!!!!
she just took my camera and phone and
take pictures of others....UGLILY!!

but she like to take photo with me tooo!!!!♡♡♡
she's so cuteee!!!! love her!!!!

ok....just update until here.....
i got tooooooooooooo many things wana share..but jsut slow and steady lah hor...hahahaha
nite nite...=)


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