★ Now + Sharing of Kuching Trip★

Oh yeah!!!!
I just wish to shout out loud that

see this is the condition of my TABLE during exam period
p.s.: my bed = my table

this picture was taken after i finished my first paper
although just finished first paper, i was happy enough...=)

me and ah sze went back sibu for KFC!!!
and i can drive my car to campus
oh yeah...
cam-whoring while waiting for our turn to order

tis is our super duper love!!!!
and this is the first time i eat cheesy wedges with so much cheese....

after we finished the wedges, the cheesy still left a lot and
i think still enough for another order of wedges...lolx....
just can say that it's so LEH DIONG!!!

i was shocking with the MORE CHEESE added ~~ whoot!!

me and ah sze's Snack Plate set with more cheese added cheezy wedges

i just can said"BURGHHHHHHH~~~~~~~"

it's so full~~~~=)

now let's me share some of the picha taken during my kuching trip at October

For sure, i will going to meet my dear sister

but we meet up at The Spring Shopping Mall
and for sure we went for SUSHI KING!!!


Dewan Undangan

This is pretty and so hilarious inside the Dewan Undangan!
I slept in the bus and while i reached here, i thought is Grace Goh campus
and yet i still blur blur and called her and said her campus's dewan was so beautiful
how stupid and blur was me!

This pic was taken while we are on the lif to Ground 8.
and the stage was so pretty and we're lucky to see how they prepared for the TYT's Birthday Celebration on the second day...
the chairs..the tables....the dishes....whoot!!

dala~~~ now we reached Level 8.
Supposely we were not allowed to take pictures
i also dont know why they allowed us to take pictures on that day....
may be.....we're special..hoho

From Level 8. we can view the scenery of the whole Kuching with the 360 degree view

the Riverbank of Kuching

Me and Soo Chin
* ya, we're scare to get closer to the window.....lolx
see how stupid was me....
doing the stupid pose cuz i know Mr.Donny was taking our picha from the back!

It's our honor to have a meeting with the Speaker of Dewan Undangan and also
pay a visit to the meeting room of all the Sultan-Sultan and the King....
we were not allowed to take picha inside.....
just imagine how hilarious was that~~ i just couldn;t close my mouth when i step in!
You never imagine it before you saw it, believe me! XD

This is our group photo on the stage of Dewan Undangan
found me???
yes, of course, cuz of my pinkiee blinkiee purplish baju kurung...!!haha
Satok, Kuching

oh yeah....tis is the day we gonna end our kuching visiting trip
(but i gonna stay for one more day...huhu)

we're having breakfast at Satok and i still can't stop myself cam-whoring while walking on the street!! lolx

the morning of Satok
i love this picha so muchiee

arghh...still sleepieeee with my half-opened eye...

After having our breakfast,
me and soo chin had a walk at the morning market

see what i found??
the fruit i never see before.....
and until now,i stil don;t know what is it...=P

and little cuttie pinkiee jambu

we met Jenny and Tommy at there tooo!!!!
what a shock!!!!!
*p.s.: Jenny is my coursemate at IPR.....

Took a pic before leaving Satok and heading to Sarawak Cultural Village(SCV)

Sarawak Cultural Village(SCV)

ya...i didnt reached here for ages....
everytime just pass by

the scenary still remain the same
a very very sunny morning

one of the pondok in the Cultural Village

One of the picha i loved so much
behind the flower was the Mount Santubong of Kuching

The view at the entrance....
luckily the sky was clear and we can having a shot of the Mount Santubong

forget wad is the name of the house and belongs to which etnik..
it can also be homestay ...if you wish to....=)

The pretty view of the lakeside

Cant ignore that this is a really good place for photoshooting!!!

So pity that i left my tripod inside my lugguage...=(
so we just had to place the camera somewhere else and set the timer!!!!

the picha was shot~~lolx

love the bamboo around the lakeside
me me me....
but i was sweating~~
so hot and the sun was burning~

with my friends before we went up to the Rumah Orang Ulu

ya...i like tis!!

and for sure
i met up my friend that worked inside SCV
glad to meet him and having a shot in front of the Rumah Orang Ulu...

one ....twooo.....threeeeee.....
i took a nice picha of them...=)
all of them was my juniors..

this picha is symbolise of SATU MALAYSIA
now i just realise it
got malay, got iban, got chinese, and got india

the sun was melting us!!!huh!!!

see the cute little girl
she was s tourist too but she rent on the tradisional cloth
so we just grab the chance to took photo with her
she's just so cute!!!!! yierrrrrrr.......

i help my senior,Diana to have some photos....

and me too~~ lolx


there were more pictures at my Facebook's album

i just learnt and enjoy myself a lot from this trip~~~



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