sky of 26th of November in Sibu

Did you realise the cloud of the sky in Sibu on 26th Nov??
It was rarely seen and it was pretty

While i was shopping and outing with gals,
i realise the cloud of the sky was different from other days
I quickly shot some of the photos of the clouds

The cloud was just like wana going to snow
but the sun was stil shining bright there
it happened in the evening..

This is the picture that didnt edited...
and i use my handphone to shot it

see the cloud, is it very artistic???
awesome right??
pretty cool
and it was the first time for me to see the unique cloud

ah ha....i like tis pic so much
it was nearly sunset and i shot this photo

pretty right?
it was int he evening
and the cloud was just like the sea with waves...
this pic was shot while sent mic back to her home

this is the only word i can use to describe while i see the scene...
it was really really pretty with the unique shaped cloud in the sky...


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