Outdoor Photoshooting with buddies...

tis is the one of the most memorable thing tat what we had done on this holiday
as u know,
my buddies all like photograph so much

While we're outing,
i wil bring my digital camera everywhere
and capture down those memorable scene

the series of picture below
some are self-shot
some are set timer
is WITHOUT a tripod!!
i was quite proud of tat
cuz we not nid a tripod and can shot a such nice pic

we try to
act cool
act cute
and shot it with natural

we nid to find a place for camera that can shot for a nice angle
and then we set timer
and RUN!!!!!!!!!!
and i am the one who nid to run...phewwwwwwww~~
but it was quite fun

we took these picture at two place in sibu
tat is the
Gutian Park at Bukit Lima there
(shot in 4/12/09 right at the noon,HOT!!!)
then another one is the riverbank behind parkson
(shot on 5/12/2009 in the noon too...)

now let us see the pic....

four of us with our solo pic =)
i like tis....haha

these picture were edited and designed by me
because i just reformat my laptop
so i just have photoscape and photoshine
so these photo were edited by these two programs by me
i slept at 2-3am tat few nights jst because to edit those photo
i was happy to see the picture after edit and felt so satisfied

these photos gave us a lot of memorable time
we reli enjoy ,happy during the photoshooting session

there are more pictures about the outdoor photoshotting in my facebook
(for sure i wil post it to my facebook)

hope all of you like it~~~


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