Wonderful D@y wif gals......^^ i hd a wonderful day wif my dearest gals....

we hd our lunch at cafe cafe....we lauf so loud and nic talked so loud ini the cafe cafe...haha we having 10%discount TIM~~~~~~happy.i.n.g ^^ then we go for parkson... do wat?do stupid thing....

we played with the 手扶电梯(kacau mic-->me--->gg, nicole plan d), eat Mc Donald ice-cream(i ordered a strawberry shake,gg ordered an oreo), lauf crazily(everywhere we appear),lif(up and down jz for taking pic)+transparent lif oso o....haha image kena destroy again today....T.T

then after whole day play til evening, we planned for jogging...go nic house 1st(omg...take so long time at her house for her preparation,honey.i.n.g,chocolate.i.n.g,take pic.i.n.g...til then she nt yet finish her preparation) take times almost 30 minutes ---->gg house(wow..she take 2 minutes nia eh)---->send mic bac--->then my turn(take some times oso bcs i hv to korek my sportshoes out) ~~~lastly arrive at stadium!!!phew~~~~ BT the sky turn dark liaw...>

so gals, dun forget tomrow d "appointment" o.....if who lepas aeroplane...hei hei hei..bkful....haha

thx u gals...i was so happy today and hope be more crazy tomorow.....haha ^^

*the pic i hd nt enuf time to i wil edit tis post again.....haha


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